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Romania Vignette Calculator

Legal information on paying the tax for using the national road network in Romania

Romanian vignette legislation in force:


Standard forms:


Range of application:

- for traffic on national roads, excluding those within municipalities, between signs of entry/ exit to/ from them;

- for any category of vehicles registered in Romania and in other countries, without difference;

- for individuals and legal entities;

- vehicle = any registered motor vehicle having at least two axles or a unit including a vehicle and a semi trailer or towed trailers;

- user = any natural or legal person owning or, as the case may be, using upon a legal right, vehicles registered in Romania (Romanian users) or vehicles registered in other states (foreign users);

- mixed transport vehicles are included into freight vehicles category .
Legal validity of Romaina vignettes:

Both for Romanian and foreign users, usage fees may be paid for validity periods of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 12 months respectively, starting the declared date.

Romanian vignette categories according to the vehicle:

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category A: Cars;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category B:
    Freight vehicles 0 t less than MATW (maximum authorized total weight) less or equal to 3.5 t;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category C:
    Freight vehicles 3.5 t less than MATW less or equal to 7.5 t;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category D:
    Freight vehicles 7.5 t less than MATW less than 12.0 t;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category E:
    Freight vehicles with MATW over or equal to 12.0t, with up to (including) 3 axles;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category F:
    Freight vehicles with MATW over or equal to 12.0t, with at least (including) 4 axles;

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category G:
    Passenger transport vehicle with less than 9 seats (driver included) and maximum 23 seats (driver included);

* Vignettes (rovinieta, rovigneta) category H:
    Passenger transport vehicles with more than 23 seats (driver included).


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