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Romanian vignette calculator

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check the validity of your vignette!

Through this service you can check the validity of the vignette at the time of the search, license plate number of the car and chassis number.
In the query form you need to enter the following data:

  • registration number
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)

Only vignettes valid at the time of query will be displayed.
Vignettes with future starting dates will not be displayed.

To check the validity of your vignette, click here!

Vehicle categories for Romanian vignettes:

Category A - passenger cars;
Category B - freight transport with 0 t less than MATW (maximum authorized total weight) less or equal to 3.5 t;
Category C - freight transport with 3.5 t less than MATW less or equal to 7.5 t;
Category D - freight transport 7.5 t less than MATW less than 12.0 t;                  
Category E - freight transport with MATW over or equal to 12.0t, with up to (including) 3 axles;
Category F - freight transport with MATW over or equal to 12.0t, with at least (including) 4 axles;
Category G - passenger transport vehicle with less than 9 seats (driver included) and maximum 23 seats (driver included);
Category H - passenger transport vehicles with more than 23 seats (driver included).


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