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Do not forget anything ever again!

We help you to remember all that is truly important to you, your friends or your family. Professional system for alerting via e-mail and SMS so you never forget anything.


QD.RO BASIC Account advantages:

First of all, it is free and without any obligation. Receive alerts entered by you via e-mail at the specified address.

You can choose from a variety of suggested events, but you can also create your own alerts based on your individual needs.

The story is like this::

  • create an alert from a suitable category;
  • name it so you can easily identify it;
  • choose the date when event occurs;
  • select the "Timing", the moment when you actually want to receive the alert;
  • choose the frequency (it can be a unique alert or a repetitive one);
  • enter the recipient's e-mail address;
  • add a personalized message that will give you the whole image on the event alerted.

    The end!


QD.RO Premium account advantages:

In addition to Basic account facilities you receive the alerts entered via e-mail, but also via SMS.

You can choose from a variety of suggested events, but you can also create your own alerts based on your individual needs.
With only 5 euros, you receive a package with 50 alerts via e-mail and SMS. supports short message service (SMS) for fast and reliable messaging on mobile phones around the world and from any mobile network. Beneficiaries of Premium accounts can enter their cell phone number and will have alerts, personal reminders and e-mails sent directly to their mobile phones.

  • It does not require to install any software on your computer or mobile phone!
  • It works perfectly with your current e-mail address and your cell phone number!




Free Account

Premium Account

Business Account

Custom alerts





E-mail alerts (limitless)




SMS alerts



100 / 1200


Alerts for friends (alerts sent to your friends)





Business services (group alerts, bank account alerts, meeting alerts etc.)






5 euro / 50 alerts

10 euro / 100 alerts /
100 euro / 1200 alerts


Sign up for an accont    NOW!   

* SMS or Short Message Service is a very popular service which people around the world use to receive and send text messages on their mobile phones.

** SMS messages that you buy in the Premium account will remain available as long as your account exists. There is no time limit for their use.




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